• RedPepper takes the GoogleAd cake.

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    This morning, when we googled Definition6, the paid google ad that appeared above the first result, actually caught my eye.

    And then I did something that I rarely feel inclined to do. I actually clicked on the link. Maybe it was the pressure in recognizing a fact that a google ad actually caught my attention...maybe it was meant to be a little reward for RedPepper. RedPepper is an "ad agency by day, invention lab by night" located in Atlanta and Nashville. With clients like Kirkwood and John Deere, they certainly do an excellent job maintaining a good design eye and creative interest.

    Is that Lobster in your Finders Keepers campaign?

  • Definition6 gets out of it's comfort zone

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    Mitsubishi Electric and Atlanta's Definition 6 have teamed up to produce these quirky, digital ad campaigns as an extension to the PGA sponsorship. The campaign encourages consumers to make sure they never get caught out of their comfort zone by showing a series of potentially awkward situations. But our heroes stay cool and in the end, triumph.

  • Art on the Beltline 2012 Announced

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    This year's art projects to be featured on the Atlanta Beltline has been released. With performance artists including performers from eyedrum, Emily Christianson, and The Krewe of the Grateful Gluttons.
    And musicians such as the Tedeschi Trucks Band, and Past Prime Players. For the entire list; check out Creative Loafing ATL here.

  • Plane Lands Safely At Airport: Luke Sullivan speaks to the importance of conflict

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    Luke Sullivan, one of the industry greats and author of Hey Whipple, spoke last night to a variety of Atlanta AdClub members and guests. Drinking his Diet Coke, Sullivan was nothing other than wise and earthly. He spoke simply and directly and without pomp or expectation.

    The idea of the lecture was identifying and leveraging the central conflicts within your clients production category. To create this conflict, creatives can leverage this tension to push creativity. Sullivan identifies four kinds of tension:

    1. Our brand vs. their brand (think: coke vs. pepsi)
    2. Cultural Tension (think: fat kids)
    3. Thematic Tension (you vs. them)
    4. Category specific tension (think: banking)

    By finding these tensions (and if there really isn't any, then make one up), you can create conflict, and damn, humans just love conflict. It's nearly essential to every good story.

    Using Sullivan's example; what good is Luke Skywalker without Darth Vader?

    Thank you AdClub!

  • Southern Fried Friday Jazz at the High

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    Free with Museum admission (or if you're a member), Friday Jazz keeps the High Museum open late to visitors who are looking to spice up their museum experience. Tomorrow, enjoy jazz pianist, Kevin Bales, and your favorite Southern food (fried, naturally) from 5pm until 10pm.

  • Teacher Appreciation Day at the High Museum

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    Free admission to all teachers (and one of their friends) to the High Museum on Thursday, July 19th. Check out these exhibitions while you're there: Picturing New York - Picturing The South, Rising Up: Hale Woodruff's Murals from Talladega College and KAWS: DOWN TIME.

  • JWT Atlanta's Anxiety Crusher

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    Jiffy Lube and JWT (and monster trucks everywhere) have teamed up to crush one of the world's biggest problems; Anxiety. Yogis, you can go back to your downward dog.
    In a Jiffy Lube themed Monster truck park, you can utilize buzz saws, lazer beams, pyrotechnic explosions, and of course, monstrous finishing moves to crush anxiety.

    Check out the trailer and the game itself.

    Rock on, JWT ATL!

  • Doodle 4 Google at MODA

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    Google asked artistic students everywhere to help design a Google Doodle in a competition titled Doodle 4 Google. The theme of the doodles is "If I could travel in time, I’d visit…” MODA will be featuring the Georgia finalists in from July 6th until August 9th, with a reception on Sunday July 15th from 4pm until 5pm.

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