• WestJet Christmas Miracle

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    This is a really brilliant idea that was really well done. Kudos to WestJet and whomever their advertising agency is.

  • Ramsey & The Muppets

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  • Amazon Proposes the Use of Helicopter Drones for Delivery.

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    This would be amazing, but what is to stop people from stealing the drones when they land? I suppose there will be some measure of security onboard – and possibly heightened penalties should be caught. But enough about the risk – what would it be like to have a bunch of drones flying around delivering package. I can't help but think we are inching closer and closer to what the movies have predicted for a long time... that the computers will take over. Either way though, would be pretty great to order something off amazon and receive it a few hours later.

  • Iron Bowl Reactions

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    For all the Auburn fans that call Atlanta home, this video is sure to make your morning. Such a great game from any perspective.

  • Footlocker's Hilarious Spot

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  • Google Makes It Rain... tears

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    Heart warming story about how google played a part in finding a young woman's grandfather's childhood friend. Wish I could understand what they were saying – but the emotions they feel come through with crystal-like clarity.

  • Subway System in Moscow Offers Free Rides

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    … If you do 30 squats. The Russian Olympic Committee installed this machine to promote the upcoming winter olympics in Sochi.

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