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When we were researching for our piece on Fitzgerald + Co's Pergo campaign, we happened to notice that their website was looking different.

Take a look around.

We asked ECD Marc Lineveldt to explain where the idea for this Mac OS Finder-inspired website concept came from, here is his reply:

The philosophy at Fitzgerald+CO is to help our clients move from traditional one-way communication to ideas that invite full participation. So the idea of the new is to walk the talk, by fully turning over the reins of our website to the user.

The site's navigation is simple. It's your computer desktop. Launch the computer icon in the upper right (it often takes people a moment to catch on) and you're able to access our information, just as you would on your own computer. Change the wallpaper, browse our private files, rifle through our porn folder.

This iteration of the site is just a rough sketch of where it's headed. Soon you'll be able to upload your resume right to our desktop, add videos, change our bios and even watch a live stream of one of our copywriters.

If anyone has any other ideas for the site, please let us know –

What are your thoughts on this unconventional approach?


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