Jackson Hewitt, Not Quite How You Do It

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Granted it's hard to get anyone enthusiastic about tax season, but this first spot from 22squared for their new client, Jackson Hewitt, certainly ain't doing it.


filming the spot with your own video camera with terrible sound isn't how you do it either. :-)

Let me clarify that, I know 22Sq didn't film it like that, talking about the camera skills of the egotist

Here's the official version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuPoNHCAKMM

ummm wanna tell us why? or do you just "not like it"? i think it's hilarious. you took a pretty crappy version though.

Unfortunate underarm flabfat like on an obese old woman? Check.

Untalented, trite, fratboy treatment? Double check.

Have you seen the logo of that place? Hahaha. Banana slug copulation is putting it nicely. Suits it well.

ha ha... black people.

Spot is great. High energy - memorable - will break through the clutter. We're talking about Jackson Hewitt... that alone is a shock.

At the time of publishing the HQ video wasn't available, but a video of someone else filming the ad (for god knows what reason) was. The post has been updated, but our opinions haven't.

Epic fail. And racist.

I can't believe Curt is still working there. wow.

If you call what he does "work"...

I honestly don't think it's a bad spot.. I found it humorous which is saying something for the client.

And I'm a bit confused where someone called it racist above.. there are many things that could be considered racist but a commercial where both whites & blacks are dancing together and celebrating just doesn't fall in that category for me.

Wow, wow. talking about bad work, but the place is full of hacks starting with Curt!

It starts at the top. Scott shieberg has run the creative dept in the crapper. He fires anyone that's better than him. Which is everyone. Leaving him to brag about the toyota spots he cranks out like its gold. Please Scott leave the biz now. No one likes you. Then he names his mini me clone John no name Stapleton to ecd. Great way to make a shop that no one knows even worse. Then there's Tom mcman, holy shit what a dinosaur. It's like a hack farm. Look at the work they create, holy shit, student books are better. Really Stapes, this is the kind of work you are doing? Go back to Tampa ASAP...

Yeah, what he said.

Watch out everyone at 22, Scott shienberg will found someone to blame, i mean fire, for losing the BWW account. It's never his fault. Blahahaha

I don't know why everyone's dumping on the rest of those guys. Botfeld has been doing the same bad scam ads for ten years. Dude couldn't even make it in Boston, so he came back. :(

Mission Wolf, anyone? Fuc**** James Rosene. I hope they're paying that old hack a lot to bring home bronze addys for Big Cat Rescue

22 is finally the joke it's meant to be.

Looks like there are several people who've nailed down what 22squared really is and has been for the last two decades. Remember folks, this is the same place that hired and fired Luke Sullivan. Same with Bobby Pearce and other ex-Fallonites. Not much else you can say.

"Mission Wolf, anyone? Fuc**** James Rosene. I hope they're paying that old hack a lot to bring home bronze addys for Big Cat Rescue"

But...but...Mission Wolf is a real client. They said so.

Dear Ben West

What the hell happened to your agency? You went from the largest southeastern shop to the 6th. You keep firing talented Creative Directors and now you've given Scott Shitberg enough power to make John Stapleton the Ecd? Are you still alive? Did Scott find a way to fire you?

Wake up Ben. Your agency is officially becoming the toilet of Atlanta Advertising.

Your truly,
The Atlanta Creative Community

Didn't Westwayne have to change it's name because of so many negative things associated with it? Years ago everyone called it "revolving door" because of how many people were hired and fired. It was literally a revolving door.

hey. just found this site. kudos to whoever is behind it. great to see a provincial creative forum. thanks for the effort.

what i hope the site won't become is some anonymous venting board for disgruntled ex-employees. i mean grow a scrotum, dudes. if you have something to say, man up and put your name on it. nobody respects an anonymous wussie. this site has too much potential to lose credibility over a few sore losers that latch on to forum where they can gnash their teeth anonymously.

i don't know much about 22squared, but talented creative people all over America tell me they'd like to work there -- so maybe they know something we don't.

Dude, last time I checked you were working here.

when i wanna feel sexy i get naked and eat cheese wiz straight from the can while i dance to this song.

now i can do my taxes too - god i hope jackson hewitt has live online chats with open minded agents. those H&R Block people are real prudes.

This thread has gotten weird. Well done Egotist.

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