ATL Stands for Apathy City

by / March 28, 2011 /

This won't make me many fans but I could give a rat's ass. I'm calling it the way I see it: the Atlanta ad community sucks.

I'm not saying there isn't talent here-- there is, lots of it. The problem is the attitudes and lack of passion and interest in our profession. This town takes apathy to new depths. Most Atlanta ad people only see each other once a year at the ADDY Show, then they crawl back into their shells to hibernate for another year.

Meanwhile, the Atlanta Ad Club b[Read More]

Hug Your Copywriter

by / March 17, 2011 /


Originally posted on The Denver Egotist.

As an ACD I spend a lot of time on conference calls, so it wasn't a big surprise that I found myself on one the other day. What was surprising was the energy on this one. Everyone was leaning in. People seemed more excited then usual. There was an unsaid understanding in the room and on the other end of the phone. It was l[Read More]

Are Your Kids Creatively FKD?

by / February 15, 2011 /


Research shows that the creativity of America's children, specifically those between the ages of 5 and 12, is declining. Just to clarify: this doesn't mean that our kiddos are showing reduced skillz with crayonz, it means their ability to solve problems without pre-defined answers is fading out.

It would be nice to correla[Read More]

Egotist Brief: Luke Sullivan

by / February 9, 2011 /

The following interview has been re-purposed from it's original posting on The Denver Egotist for your edification and enjoyment:

A nationally acclaimed copywriter with a 30-year track record, Luke Sullivan is Senior VP/Managing Group Creative Director at GSD&M. He helps manage a creative department of 70 while continuing to work directly with Goodyear and the American Legacy Foundat[Read More]

Egotist Brief: Noel Cottrell

by / January 25, 2011 /

Noel Cottrell is the newest and tallest member of the Fitzgerald+CO team. As Chief Creative Officer, he brings 19 years of experience to the table, including starting two of South Africa's most creative agencies (our words, not his) and starting the campaign with the adorably well invested babies for E*TRADE. Noel arrived in Atlanta at the same time as five inches of snow (coincidence, uh, no), and after the ice melted and he could finally make it into the office for the big first day, we[Read More]

There’s More to Pitching Than Doing Killer Work

by / January 11, 2011 /

Well, it’s 2011. And the new year will see many agencies across the US, and the world battling for new accounts. But will the new year bring with it a completely fresh outlook on pitching for new business?

Many up-and-coming agencies, and even more established ones, will face the following dilemma:

Do you do work to win the account? Or do you do the best work you can?

The uninitiated will no doubt think that the two are synonymous, but seasoned agency people will kno[Read More]