Will bringing back the dead raise the bar for the living?

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Although it’s old news by now, Tupac made a comeback this past Sunday at Coachella. His entire persona was recreated using old-school technology, baffling the hundreds of intoxicated fans who couldn’t believe the fake death rumors were actually true. Most of us have seen the videos and read the facts, but now it’s time for a healthy discussion.

It seems that times have changed. Pop stars these days are bred to make lots of money as quickly as possible. This means shorter appearances for larger crowds, remakes of old classics and an uncanny ability to sound damn near perfect on their albums. Very few mainstream musicians can perform to the masses without lip-syncing and taking multiple breaks. If deceased music icons become more present in the next few years, will the living performers need to step up their game? Will the music industry finally recover from all the beatings if people want to pay more to experience what a Jimmy Hendrix show really felt like?

Okay in case you missed Tupac… here’s the best, unrestricted clip of it. Read more about the details at The Daily Beast.

Also, check out a few similar situations with completely made-up musicians: Madonna performing with the Gorillaz animated characters and Japan’s digitized pop-star Hatsu Miku at her world tour.

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