There is no ‘Extra Life’ in Powerful new PSAs for the Ad Council and Brady’s End Family Fire Campaign


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Emmy Award-winning entertainment company Zoic Studios teams up with McKinney to drop viewers into a game that has no winner in a powerful new PSA for the Ad Council and Brady, “No Extra Life.” Crafted in the perspective of a first-person shooter video game, the spot follows the heart-racing experience of someone frantically racing through a home trying to find a loved one, only to discover that his unsecured gun is no longer where he keeps it in the top drawer, and that — to his horror — there is no response from his loved one from behind a locked bedroom door. Using the very genre that is often accused of desensitizing us to gun violence, the PSA delivers a poignant and sobering reminder that safe gun storage can help delay someone’s access to a gun by even a few moments, giving them a second chance at life. The PSA is a continuation of The Ad Council and Brady’s End Family Fire campaign originally launched in 2018 to highlight the importance of safe gun storage in the home and to introduce the term “family fire,” giving a name to any shooting that involves an improperly stored or misused gun found in the home.

Zoic Studios brought a wealth of experience in crafting dynamic storytelling for the gaming genre to this PSA, having created pulse-racing trailers for top publishers including PlayStation, Ubisoft and Capcom. The Zoic team designed the original cinematic CG game renderings found in modern triple A titles, with a meticulous eye towards art direction to infuse the video game experience with the comforts and familiarity of a home. Director Chris Jones led the team to bring viewers into the gamified world of the avatar, drawing them into what appears to be a thrilling chase, only to bring them along for a heart-wrenching search for an ending they could have never imagined.


Client: The Ad Council and Brady

Agency: McKinney

Chief Creative Officer: Jonathan Cude

Group Creative Director: Alex Shulhafer, Jenny Nicholson

ACD/Art Director: Tyler Wriston (Print/Radio)

ACD/Copywriter: Robert George (Print/Radio)

Art Director: Jade Song

Copywriter: Chase Condrone

Account Supervisor: Melanie Wallace

Account Manager: Jaclyn Campbell

Project Manager: Elide Marks

Group Strategy Director: CJ Franzitta

Director, Data Strategy: Brian LoPiccolo

Data Strategist: Brianna Calderon-Roman

Executive Broadcast Producer: Naomi Newman

Associate Broadcast Producer: Taylor Osborne

Print Producer: Carolyn Petty

Integrated Producer: Kara O’Halloran

Digital Producer: Maggie Baker

Developer: Will Knowles

Digital Generalist: Alec Kunkel

Production: Zoic Studios

Director: Chris Jones

Creative Director: Julien Brami

Executive Producer: Jason Cohon

Senior Producer: Sabrina Harrison

Associate Producer: Ivan Barahona

Editor: Andrew Renfro

CG Supervisor: Christina Murguia

Compositing Supervisor: Andrew Bardusk

Lead Animator: Dave Funston

Previs: Delano Athias

Concept Artist: Laura Cosner

Model/Texture/Lookdev: Shamus McGlynn, Jeeah Huh, Renato Eiras, Pascal Polic,

Senior Lighter: Bill Spradlin, Christina Murguia


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