Green The Bid Launches To Support Sustainable Production Practices In Advertising — An Integrated Effort By Growing List Of Members Aims To Create Community + Change


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Grassroots initiative Green The Bid has launched to support the advertising industry in shifting to zero-waste, carbon neutral, sustainable and regenerative practices. The initiative is a volunteer coalition, led by its founding members and the stakeholders of the commercial community (brands, agencies, production companies, post-production facilities, vendors and affiliates) who pledge to come together in this important endeavor.

Each year the global commercial production industry produces thousands of tons of carbon, along with thousands of tons of waste. This happens despite the fact that we already have the technology and ability to make all productions both net carbon neutral and zero-waste (90% diversion from landfill).

Green The Bid aims to break down industry silos by applying the B-Corp practice of pre-competitive problem solving, harnessing the collective knowledge of companies that have already made inroads into the sustainability space, and enabling effective implementation of solutions across all areas of production. The first Green The Bid meeting will take place on October 28th via Zoom conference.

Green The Bid’s website includes resources; from sustainability consultants, to checklists, case studies and interviews. The entity’s LinkedIn page has a Q&A forum for topics related to sustainable practices and suggestions for products and services.

Green The Bid welcomes members from any area of the community commissioning, developing, and producing content, as well as those who support that effort. In addition to representative companies and individuals, Green The Bid’s growing support includes professional organizations, non-profits, and festivals.

Green The Bid is aligned with the mission of AdGreen to unite the advertising industry to eliminate the negative environmental impacts of production. Based in the UK, AdGreen is part of the Advertising Association, working in partnership with BAFTA and albert, and represents a growing network of supportive entities focused on the environmental impact of production.

The industry is ready and excited to adopt long-lasting sustainable production practices, and Green The Bid is here to support them in achieving them.


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