Four Loko and Chemistry launch “People of Four Loko” campaign during Spring Escape in Cancun.


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Four Loko is launching a new campaign called “People of Four Loko.” 

In order to mix up the coverage of Four Loko’s Spring Escape event in Cancun, the brand and Chemistry decided that the wildest coverage they could share were these bold fans and exactly who they become during Spring Escape.

For the spots, spring breakers were interviewed to learn more about their wildest Four Loko stories. Of course, when you ask for the real deal with Four Loko fans, you’re going to get some pretty NSFW answers. So while the videos show as much as possible, they wanted to let Cancun’s epic spring break setting do the talking when possible.

Watch the first of the series right here.


Client: Four Loko

Agency: Chemistry

Chris Breen, Chief Creative Officer

Carl Corbitt, Executive Creative Director

Travis Broyles, Senior Copywriter  

Lindy Taylor, Junior Art Director

Alex Walker, Account Executive 

Celeste Hubbard, Group Account Director

Janai Crudup, Assistant Account Executive

Filmed by: The BMP Film Co.



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