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In case you missed it, Fitzco brought home six Cannes Lions for their Share a Coke 1,000 Name Celebration. We got ahold of Noel Cottrell, CCO at Fitzco, and asked him about the win, the work, and his outlook on Atlanta as a creative hub. A huge thank you to Noel for taking the time. The interview starts below the case study video. We hope y’all enjoy.


Egotist: Give us the background on the assignment. How did it come into the agency? How long did it take to get made?

Noel: It came in as a brief for the Share A Coke program (names on Coca-Cola bottles) in Summer of 2017 – a program in its fourth year.  The first ask was for a single radio ad to let people know that names on Coca-Cola bottles were back. In the summer of 2017, there were more than 1,000 names on bottles.  Two of our Creative Directors came back with an idea to make more than 1,000 online jingles, a song for every name. It was a huge task that took months and nearly died a hundred times.

Egotist: Did you know it was an award-winner when you first saw the idea in the agency?

Noel: It was such fun to make that we thought it might catch on, and when it did we really hoped the industry would notice. 

Egotist: Who/What was key to selling in and creating this project?

Noel: Our Fitzco team worked hard to sell in the idea and get the more than 1,000 jingles created and approved.  We had so many people in the agency write songs, it was hysterical – you’d hear a hard hip-hop version on the radio and you’d find out it was the least likely person in the agency who wrote it.  Our partner agency Casanova//McCann wrote so many of the best songs, in Spanish and English.  Score-a-Score our production partners remarkably managed to bring the project in on budget and wrote some of the funnier songs. Our clients were amazing partners in the process as well. It was a real team effort.

We wrote and recorded four songs with our clients’ names in them. Their joy at hearing a song with their own name pop up in their inbox made them realize the joy someone would feel when they heard their song on the radio or searched for it online. 

Egotist: Who was the unsung hero of this project?

Noel: Our Producer held hands with our Account Director and ran through all obstacles.  When it looked impossible and someone was standing in my office shrugging their shoulders and saying ‘600 songs???’ Our Producer would pop his head around them and say ‘we can do 1000!’.

Egotist: Were you surprised to see it do so well at the award shows this year? 

Noel: When it won Best of Show at the Atlanta Addy’s we felt hopeful, that was the first show. Being on stage as a real all-agency team was great and felt like we had a chance at the bigger national shows.

Egotist: How has the win at Cannes impacted the agency? New business on the way? Junior creatives beating down your door for interviews?

Noel: The success at One Show, ADC, Cannes, Mercuries, New York Festivals etc has meant that we have a lot more creative books coming in to Fitzco. And we’re moving up the ladder to get better graduating students at good ad schools like Creative Circus and VCU. The Coke win comes on the back of another highly-awarded piece the Checkers and Rally’s Rick Ross Buy Back The Block work. We have had an extremely busy year of new business. I’m not sure if you can directly link that to the awards show wins but it feels nice to play the case study in new business introduction meetings or send it in an RFI.

Egotist: What are your keys to creating and selling great work?

Noel: Never present something to a client that you wouldn’t want to eventually see out in the world. Ever. Even when you’ve presented 23 rounds and are up against the deadline and you’re sweating bullets. Don’t do it. 

Egotist: With the win at Cannes this year, do you feel an obligation to show the world that world-class creative work can come out of Atlanta?

Noel: Our city is killing it creatively. Musically Atlanta is leading the way, our chefs, our film industry, our street art, our sports men and women – there’s no reason the Atlanta Advertising Community can’t do the same.  

Amen, Noel. Amen.


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