The Case for Slow Design: Make Art, Not Products – by Jesse Weaver

by / January 11, 2019 / Coming out of school as newly minted designers, we often aspire to the heights of master craftsmanship. We envision ourselves creating expertly designed, meticulously implemented products that inspire awe with their beauty, artistry, and execution. Then the real world promptly smacks us in the face. Craftsmen spend untold hours creating their masterpieces. They sweat the details and pour their s[Read More]

Toronto Edition: In 20 Words or Less What’s Your Creative Philosophy

by / August 19, 2013 / In 20 words or less, what's your creative philosophy? What a great question that surely would generate some very creative responses. The SF Egotist first took to asking San Francisco based creatives that very question, the response was a wonderful glimpse into the thought process of some very talented creatives. We decided to take the very same question to Toronto creatives, in 20 words or less, [Read More]

When Brand Building Becomes Personal

by / June 6, 2013 / Jared Dunten is a lot of things. Copywriter. Artist. Father. Husband. Paraplegic. Fighter. That last one probably should have come first. In 2000, Jared dove into the Rio Grande, on the Texas/Mexico border. He woke up days later in a hospital 400 miles away. He’d broken his neck and injured his spinal cord. Doctors said he’d be lucky to breathe on his own again. Walking? Best to forget about[Read More]

How to Spend $275 Million in 48 Minutes: Three Super Bowl Ad Trends for 2013

by / February 1, 2013 / Want to watch $275 Million get spent in 48 minutes? Just tune into CBS at 6:30 p.m. on Sunday to see one of America's greatest primetime displays of violence, debauchery and poor impulse control. And I'm not talking about the Super Bowl… I'm talking about the Super Bowl ads. In all seriousness, these days it's no surprise that independent research year after year continues to show that over ha[Read More]

The school of life.

by / November 21, 2012 / Yesterday a reader asked us "how do you get into advertising?", our knee jerk reaction was to ship them off to the nearest ad school for a year or so. Then they told us more about their experiences to date and what a fascinating life they had lived. And as all of us forget from time to time, education is just a base foundation, life is what moulds you into an interesting creative person, ultimate[Read More]

It’s called ‘Brief’ for a reason – by Rob Campbell

by / August 21, 2012 /   Creative briefs. The bane of my fucking life. I hate them. HATE THEM! But – and it’s a very important but – you have to do them because they not only provide the framework and inspiration for creative teams to start creating their magic, but they become a piece of historical reference on the brand that ensures people won’t post rationalise the execution and miss out all the litt[Read More]

How NBC’s digital ignorance screwed the Olympics for you.

by / August 1, 2012 / Let’s be blunt: NBC shit the bed in their Olympic coverage. In this digital, social media age – when earthquakes are tweeted about before the Earth even finishes shaking – NBC made the unfathomable decision to broadcast events on tape delay in order to garner primetime ad dollars. Apparently NBC execs figured a few billion people could keep secrets until after dinner. The funny thing is, e[Read More]

50 Shades of Bad Typography

by / July 25, 2012 / By Randall Erkelens When the world was introduced to desktop publishing thirty years ago, proper punctuation marks and kerning pairs were not brought to the party. Foot and inch marks were used instead, and they weren’t exactly the best stunt doubles. Today, I expected a more savvy designer pool with an arsenal of modern tools to rectify this problem. Nope. Then again, should I expect such a g[Read More]