Joy in the Journey: Reframing Success In Advertising

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The advertising industry stands at a crossroads. Once solely focused on awards, flashy outputs, and chasing fame through rigid metrics, we now face a dwindling pool of those opportunities. 

This means that the new generation now faces different expectations than what they likely were trained on or inspired by, and will have to redefine “success” based on their own aspirations and the evolving industry landscape.

From Outputs to Experiences: Embracing the Journey

Many of us in the industry were drawn to it for the potential of “making it big” with impactful campaigns and the chance to have an outsized voice to a mass audience.

However, as we know, the reality is a bit different, involving collaboration, shared success, and a host of more complex challenges.

That’s why The Many is now prioritizing experiences over outputs, pioneering new avenues for creative expression, and fostering deeper connections within the industry.

Finding Joy in the Process: Lessons from a Musician

But what “does experiences over outputs” really look like?

Davis Jones, Managing Director of Connections at The Many, by day, and dedicated musician by night, offers a unique perspective. 

He emphasizes the importance of finding joy in the process of creation, not just the final product, noting that like with music, the most significant learnings in anyone’s advertising career happen during exploration and experimentation.

Putting The Pieces Together

Though lacking a musical background, Maude Standish, Group Director of Programming at The Many, finds common ground with Davis’ perspective, finding her own joy in advertising by reframing it as a series of puzzles to be solved.  

This approach reflects the idea of continuous engagement. Like tackling a series of puzzles, the satisfaction of modern advertising work comes not just from the final product, but from the ongoing process of exploration and discovery.

Maude’s view of advertising outputs also aligns with shifting industry trends, where ads are increasingly not end products, but rather briefs to the consumer. 

Beyond the Finish Line: The Ongoing Journey

These reframed perspectives offer valuable insights for anyone working in advertising, or any creative field. 

By treating each ad as the beginning of a conversation rather than the end of one we can see each one as a step toward something greater and strive for continuous improvement.

Technology will drive our industry to evolve continually, but at the moment, finding joy in the process, embracing collaboration, and seeking new solutions remain the keys to success.


PHOTO: The Many’s Maude Standish and Davis Jones



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