Launch Party Showcases Artist to Demonstrate Features of Staples’ ProGel® Pen


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Advertising agency Launch Party has recruited neurodivergent artist Stephen Wiltshire to prove the immense capabilities of Staples’ new ProGel® pen. The agency also handled the influencer outreach, and production.

The national ad is running on digital and social media. Launch Party won the assignment in January.

Staples launched the ProGel® pen to challenge Pilot’s G2 as the number one pen on—and in the U.S. The objective of the spot is to showcase its capabilities and features with an entertaining demonstration.  

Wiltshire can recreate super complex imagery from his photographic memory—so long as he has a pen that’s capable of keeping up with him. The spot shows him sketching a detailed cityscape using the new Staples ProGel® pen while copy mentions the writing tool’s exemplary features, such as more than a half a mile of ink, ergonomic grip, smooth flow, and smudge-free ink. 

“Staples has not invested in its house brands, so discovering its voice, tone, and style was a stretch from the traditional performance-based approach,” said Ryan Kutscher, founder of Launch Party and head of production.

Launch Party discovered the artist’s abilities on social media and saw a natural connection with the product and a demonstration.


Client:  Staples

Client Team: Hadrien Delande, Kenny Voschell, Gabriella Schlagel

Campaign Title:   Stales ProGel®

Execution Title:  World’s Most Capable Pen

Agency: Launch Party

Head of Production: Ryan Kutscher

Prod Co./ City: Veteran Made – Columbus, OH (

Director: Carey Kight

EP (production co): Carey Kight

Producer (production co): Carey Kight

Director of Photography: Julian Focereta

Post Production & City: East Editorial – Charlotte, NC (

Editorial Company & City: East Editorial – Charlotte, NC

Editor: Jacob McCall

Colorist: Colten Marsh

Music Company & City:

Sound Design Co. & City: East Editorial – Charlotte, NC (

Sound Designer: Joseph Beckham

Animation Co. & City: East Editorial – Charlotte, NC (


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