From Racetrack to Driveway: E3 Spark Plugs Expands Reach with National DIY Campaign


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E3 Spark Plugs Aims Beyond Its Traditional NHRA Audience with New National Ad Campaign

E3 Spark Plugs, known for keeping engines firing on all cylinders, is revving things up with a brand-new national campaign. Created in collaboration with advertising partner St. John, the “What Are You Running?” campaign is designed to bring E3 Spark Plugs to a wider audience of DIY car enthusiasts across the nation.

Using a multichannel approach, the campaign features a series of video ads in various lengths strategically placed across Connected TV (CTV), YouTube, pre-roll ads, social media and broadcast television in key markets for maximum impact.

A continuation of a ten-year partnership between E3 Spark Plugs and St. John, this campaign focuses on the superior performance benefits of E3 Spark Plugs for DIY mechanics with two creative executions, “Inferno” and “Diamond.”

“Inferno” uses a fiery visual metaphor to represent the spark that ignites an engine’s performance, while “Diamond” emphasizes how E3 Spark Plugs deliver reliable performance under pressure, just like a diamond.

“As automotive enthusiasts ourselves, it’s been an exciting decade-long challenge heralding the performance of E3 Spark Plugs in ways that resonate with our audience and also stand out among other automotive and racing-related content,” says Peter Herbst, executive creative director at St. John.

With a focus on performance under pressure, E3 is pioneering the future of spark plug technology for the most demanding enthusiasts.  


  • Client:  E3 Spark Plugs
  • Client Team: Steve Joiner, Todd Arey, Quinn Zhang
  • Campaign Title: What Are You Running?  
  • Execution Title:  Inferno & Pressure
  • Agency: St. John  
  • Executive Creative Director(s): Peter Herbst
  • Associate Creative Director(s): Andrew Harrison & David Dulock
  • Account Service: Erica Pelletier & Tiffany Thornton
  • Production Company & City: Nectar Studios, Jacksonville
  • Producer (production co): Katey Campion
  • Editorial Company & City: Nectar Studios, Jacksonville
  • Editor: Gabe Laserna



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